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AMC Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide (5th Edition)


In the summer of 2018, Appalachian Mountain Club approached me to take on the role of author and editor of their upcoming 5th Edition of the Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide. The personal recommendation came from previous author Steve Smith, a legend in the New England hiking community, and was based on my knowledge of and hiking experience in this area of the state, as well as my connections to area land trusts. I was of course very honored as well as very humbled at the opportunity, and accepted the offer immediately. The excitement of this opportunity led to an immediate push to get out there and begin field work on trails that I'd like to include.

Throughout the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019 (and even the following winter), I worked to cover a lot of ground in southern NH in an effort to add as many new trails to the guide as possible. In addition, I also worked with land trusts, private landowners, NH State Parks and local trail clubs to gather the latest information on existing trails to be updated.

In cooperation with the staff at AMC Books, I hope to make this edition of the Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide the best one yet.

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"The guy who wrote this is an underpaid trail genius -- buy multiple copies for friends and relatives so he can live to write the next one!"
-- Paul-William

"Just received my copy. Excellent upgrade to my ancient AMC guide!"
-- Matt

"It’s AWESOME!! Got it on Amazon a few weeks ago!"
-- Jill