AMC White Mountain Guide (31st Edition)

After the experience of working on Appalachian Mountain Club's Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide, White Mountains hiking legend Steven D. Smith, author and owner of The Mountain Wanderer bookstore, asked me to come on board for the next version of AMC's flagship guidebook, the White Mountain Guide. This essential resource covers over 1,400 mi. of trails in and around the 751,000 acre White Mountain National Forest, and is relied on from hikers from around the world. Stretching from western New Hampshire to western Maine, the WMNF contains not only the popular 48 4,000 Footers, but also six federally-designated wilderness areas along with many lesser-known trails.

Throughout 2020 and into most of 2021, we worked together to update existing trail descriptions, added new ones, and worked with both the United States Forest Service, the State of New Hampshire, and local trail organizations to make the new White Mountain Guide the most comprehensive resource for the hikers who trek the greater White Mountains region.

I am truly honored to have collaborated with Steve on this project. There's no one better to learn more about the White Mountains from.

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