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Managed Print Services for Small Business
Written for HubShout

If you are the owner of a small business, say between 10 and 50 employees, then you know that it's important to be as economical as possible to keep things running smoothly. An essential part of any small business is office equipment such as laser printers. Even in today's more eco-conscious world, plenty of paper and printer supplies still get generated every day.

To keep your office's laser printers running efficiently, it's critical to keep up with regular maintenance and repair. Out of all the new printers purchased since 2012, nearly 75% of those were swapped out and replaced with newer models because they were running poorly or had stopped working completely.

Instead of replacing laser printer once it starts experiencing problems, perhaps look into regular maintenance and repair it to extends its life and overall value. If you don't know which steps to take to keep print costs down, this where a managed print services (MPS) company can help.

What are managed print services?

In a nutshell, managed print services is a strategic plan which manages all aspects of your small business printing needs and devices, from printers and scanners to faxes and copiers.

A typical managed print services plan consists of an initial assessment that creates an inventory of all office equipment and their locations with the office. The next step is to determine the volume and type of work that the business does, determines which software is being used, then uses those factors to evaluate the maintenance, supply and equipment costs for the entire printing operation.

This evaluation can then be used as a guideline in determining printing costs moving forward so they can be budgeted for.

Using MPS to improve security

When we send something off to the printer, sometimes we don't think about how secure that information needs to be, especially if it's just staying within the office. This can present weak spot in your business' security protocol that outside threats may be able to exploit. Managed print services companies utilize special software to monitor ever step of the printing process to ensure the information printed isn't seen by anyone who doesn't have permission.

Using MPS to save money

One of the main benefits of using managed print services is saving money on supplies, which are frequently churned through in a busy office. When it's time to install new toner cartridges or inkjet cartridges, or to get new paper, it's usually up to a staffer to take time out of their busy schedule and do the ordering. Using a managed print services company takes all that out of the equation, as they will manage all the consumables as well as the actual devices themselves.

Using MPS to guarantee uptime

For a business depending on print services, nothing is more disruptive than when the equipment runs into trouble or breaks down completely, and to have to diagnose or repair the problem yourself is time-consuming and expensive. Working with a managed print services company can drastically reduce downtime if something does indeed go wrong, and their printer repair techs can usually have a malfunctioning machine back up and running in no time. If need be, they can also replace a dead device with a new one.

Using MPS to monitor your entire print process

Managed print services allows you to be in complete control of your business' printing workflow, from start to finish. Whether you are dealing with one or a hundred printers, MPS can provide a snapshot of how much paper, ink and toner are being used. This overview can provide any insight into any possible wasteful practices, which can then be remedied to increase efficiency.

Using MPS as your partner in the printing process

Using a comprehensive managed print services company for your small business gives you a management plan designed to save both time and money. offers more predictable costs on the hardware as well as the consumables, and they can manage your printing infrastructure, leaving you to manage the daily tasks of running your business.